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Cable Bay is centrally located on Doubtless Bay, so a great place to launch your Far North discovery trip. Check out the twenty beaches nearby and really get to know the area.

Rolling surf, quiet ripples, or waves galore. White sand, tan coloured sand, golden sand. Rocks to explore or fish off, shellfish and kina to collect. Driftwood, Pohutukawas or sandhills to slide down. There is a huge variety of beaches in our area and no two beaches are the same. Pretty amazing in this Beach Paradise. 

Here is my 20 Beaches - perhaps you have a different list  

Cable Bay is a varied group of beaches in our opinion joined by golden sand and shells washed in by the waves. There's the main Cable Bay (1) opposite the Cable Bay Store, with bigger surf and sand to dig. Rocks on either end of this beach are great to explore or throw a line in to try your luck. The smallish "beach" outside Golden Sand (2) is bordered by rocks but is a popular place to collect kina at. Children and families enjoy the playground nearby: or you can launch a dinghy or kayak  here also and try your luck at catching terakihi. Further around is the "nudist beach" (3) so called because it is fringed by pohutukawa nad very private. Stretch out on a towel and enjoy the peace, then take a dip to cool down. 

The Lagoon (4) at the Northern end of the beach. This is wonderful for kids learning to swim and shallow for a bit so parents can relax in the shade of the trees while children get wet and play in the sand.

Chucks Cove (5) is 1km by road from Cable Bay and short walk around the rocks. Here there is a picnic area with rocks galore but very secluded. A family of orca cruised by when I was here recently. 

Coopers Beach(6) is 2.5km away with a long pohutukawa fringed beach, great for gentle waves, and tuatua have been gathered here. This is a longish beach good for a stroll or to walk the dog. The playground and shops are nearby - don't miss the Coopers Beach Butchery sausages!


Hidden at the end of Rangikapiti Road is a short bush track to a very secluded rock pool beach (7) 

Taumarumaru Reserve (8) has a calm pool to soak in, great after a walk in the reserve or to cool the furry friend. 

Mangonui Wharf (9) is technically not a beach but the wharf does rate a mention for the fishing and action here. You can take a plunge here too!

Travelling 20 mins from Mangonui you can visit Hihi (10) -opposite the entrance to Mangonui Harbour. Here you will find gentle waves, a great fishing and pleasant beachside community. 

Aurere (11) is the southern end of Tokerau Beach and a passable sandy river at low tide. You can access the coastline from here with quiet beaches too numerous to mention. 

Tokerau (12) is the western shore of Doubtless Bay and long sweeping beach with sand dunes for 

Whatuwhiwhi (13) and Pirihipi (14) are at the end of Tokerau Beach and have been favourite haunts for years. Golden sand, nice waves, boat launching and rock exploring are all wonderful. 

My personal favourite is Puheke (15) or Puwheke. Deserted, with white sand and teal blue waves and with no houses in site this is really getting away from it all. Great fishing too and you will often find local people collecting tuatuas, or setting a torpedo line here. 

Nearby is Rangiputa (16), which is Rangaunu Harbour and again has the white sand a blue sea. Not a surf beach, it is great for boat launching and going for a dip.  Day trippers should not miss the reserve at the end of the beach with its grassy picnic area and small beach.  

You can access Karikari (17) very near the entrance to Matai & Merita Bays- another white white sand beach with teal coloured water and scintillating waves. 

On the West Coast is 90 Mile Beach which can be accessed at Waipapakauri (18). As far as the eye can see, the waves and sand continue. This is near the site of the famous Snapper Bonanza,  usually held in March, when surfcasting fishermen descend on the beach to try to win the big money or the 4WD vehicle 

Ahipara (19) is a thriving hip community at the southern end of 90 Mile Beach. Surfing is a popular pastime here with fishing and swimming close seconds. Check out the school playground too for a fun energy burner!

And finally, the top beach in NZ is Matai Bay (20).(Herald Survey Jan 2021)  Horseshoe shaped, with nice waves and the DOC camp, but currently closed because of COVID fears. Never mind, Karikari is also magic!

So try any of this variety of beaches that Far North is spoilt with. You won't be disappointed!



Posted by Rosemary Archibald on September 25, 2023