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Nau mai! Haere mai! to Owhetu (Welcome to Cable Bay) At Golden Sand we encourage all who come here to follow our Tiaki Promise: to care for our future by helping to protect our land, our sea and our culture.

How we care for the land and nature:

  • The building of a wood and concrete wool insulated architectural         masterpiece lodge and holiday accommodation facility.
  • Buildings have a low impact visually and are built into the slope of the area
  • Take care of the council reserve in front of the establishment so that the public can park here and enjoy picnics etc.. We often mow this area and have ‘reclaimed” from overgrown waste, an area on the flat part of the reserve. We have also planted the steep rock face in native rengarenga lilies.
  • Planting natives interspersed with flowering plants, attractive to birds and bees
  • Keep the area pristine by collecting rubbish on daily walks and disposing of it
  • Underground streams, used to be left as waste water and run out to sea.  We now collect this spring water and it is used for garden hoses, and to fill the ornamental rock pools
  • Reuse retro furnishings wherever possible, thus preserving a precious kiwi resource
  • Getting rid of rats to allow the native skink to return to the area
  • Guests are invited to recycle their rubbish
  • Not having a cat on the property, means birds are not hunted in the area
  • Recording information for Forest and Bird on migratory birds such as terns, which congregate on the beach in Autumn before their long flights
  • Provide bags for locals to put kina shells in. Or those who leave kina shells on the beach and grass we collect and crush to use on the gardens.

 How we care for the sea:

  • Provide non motorised kayaks and boats and guests are free to use the oar powered dinghies and kayaks
  • Take care of the council reserve in front of the establishment so that the public can park here and enjoy the beach.
  • Daily beach walks to collect rubbish, sharp shellfish shells
  • Collect local seaweed to scatter on gardens
  • Participate and sponsor beach cleanups in the area


How we care for our people:

  • we employ locals and pay above the award wage
  • we support local community groups and businesses
  • inclusivity is practiced at Golden Sand and all are welcome and respected
  • we donate to local needy families where possible
  • Donate for local organisations, especially autistic children
Collecting seaweed for the garden
The kingfisher at home
Sponsored beach cleanup


Beach paradise